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More Experiences

Galena Spoon Co.

Galena Spoon Co. offers a carefully curated selection of handcrafted woodenware, kitchenware, and gourmet fare, along in-store spoon carving demonstrations and pre-scheduled workshops. Located on the corner of Hill & Main Street in the heart of historic downtown Galena, Illinois.


The goat trek in Galena, IL is an experience you’ll cherish and remember. If you’re looking for things to do in Galena we’d love to share our land and our goats with you. The trek explores the wooded property and prairies that have been in our family for four generations. The goats follow us along the way and enjoy hand-fed treats. The hike lasts 45 minutes to an hour (depending on the goats’ energy) and is 1.25 miles long. The trail is suitable for all ages and most abilities. Join us in Galena Country, we look forward to meeting you.